Workshops ONE 9:30-11 AM

The Importance of Strength Training for Women - Jana Wenzlawe 
The workshop with include a presentation on the importance of strength training for women.
We will also do a workout! So come prepared with comfortable clothes, indoor shoes and water. The class will be open to all levels of fitness and experience so is suitable for everyone!

Introduction to Photography - Jodi Nesbitt
Introduction: My story, some tips about overcoming obstacles in the photography world and tips for perseverance.
Camera Basics: In this segment you will learn the ins and outs of a digital camera and all the accessories needed to have a successful hobby or business.
Indoor and outdoor photos: You will learn how to take a beautiful photo. I will cover the basics of exposure. I will cover ISO, shutter speed and aperture which are the leading aspects of composing a photo. I will explain metering and why it is important. I will touch on flash. I will show you how to set up an indoor set and give information on all of the tools and accessories you will need to do so. I will cover how to take a photo outside, what to look for and what to avoid. I will also teach the rules of composing a photo and how to break them when you’re ready.
Editing: I will cover the basics of editing. I will touch on editing exposure, highlights, whites of the image, blacks of the image, shadows, white balance, luminescence, vibrance, saturation and grain. I will give a list of popular products to use for editing and what kind of tools you’ll need to attain in order to edit.
The finished product: I will teach you how to export your photo and give a list of the ways to keep or give a finished product.
Closing: I aim to have all students of this class armed with enough information to walk away and create a beautiful piece of art.
I would suggest a notebook and pen for the class and I will provide some hand outs.

Enhancing What You Have - Creating a Natural Makeup Look - Leah Wilkie
Applying makeup is a skill - like learning to write or to read music - so anyone can learn how to do it. In this workshop, you will learn see your face from a makeup artist's perspective and to use the right products and techniques to achieve a natural daily look. If we have time, we will take that daytime look and create a little more drama for the evening. Each participant will bring her own tools and makeup bag so that transferring her new makeup skills to real life will be easy. Bring your make-up bag.

Buttercream & Fondant: An Introduction to Cupcake Decorating - Erin Leahy
In this workshop you will learn how to decorate cupcakes with piped buttercream and a simple fondant flower. We will make buttercream icing from scratch and use various piping tips to make simple but impressive cupcake designs and then finish off your cupcakes with a handmade fondant flower.

A Morning with Spirit – Donna Hartt
From her recent appearance on Season 3 of “Canada’s Smartest Person” on CBC, come join one of Canada’s rising stars, Donna Hartt, “The Mountain Medium” for a 90-minute Group Reading.
Intuitively aware, since the age of 3, Donna has all six senses of the ‘6th Sense’ – Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairailience, and Clairgustance; and, as a vessel, never knows who or what will show up and what they will have to say.
Her quick wit and strong messages guide people through an adventure with Spirit.  Journeys of laughter, tears, and validation that their loved ones are indeed, watching over them.  Donna enjoys turning skeptics into believers and showing so many souls Here in the physical world, that the Other Side truly exists. 
Internationally recognized for her ability, Donna shares Sacred Space with clients around the world as well as her home town of Cranbrook, BC, and to her, there is no greater honor.
Come join Donna for what is sure to be an amazing, awe-inspiring event!

Workshops TWO 11:15AM - 12:45PM

Home Scale Permaculture Design for the Elk Valley and Beyond - Gaetane CarignanThis workshop will introduce participants to permaculture, a regenerative design system based on science, guided by ethics, and inspired by nature. The workshop will demonstrate how making intentional connections between water, energy capture, healthy soils, natural ecosystems and stacking multiple functions within single elements will create greater efficiency and higher yields, even in small spaces. This workshop will give a brief overview of the ethics and principles of permaculture design, and show some inspiring examples of the abundance possible when they are thoughtfully applied.
OurSexySelves - Natasha Wiebe
I feel there is much disempowerment to women based on rape culture and reactions to the feminism movement, and deep cultural/societal lessons we've carried with us. Therefore, I would like to help women recognize and positively reframe what their beliefs are about themselves, what 'roles' they play that may affect this, and empower women to define exactly what it means to them to feel and be sexy exactly as they are. I will be utilizing an 'anchoring' NLP technique as well, for these women to carry forward.

Understanding Colour - Beth Gallup
Colour touches our lives in almost every way. It is so pervasive we take it for granted. Take some time to begin to understand it; you’ll discover a fascinating world of myth, art and science. In this workshop we’ll explore:
The meaning of colour, culturally, historically
Using colour to communicate
How we are influenced to “know" what colours are “in”
Colours that fight. Colours that get along, and why.
The way colour is created on screen (very useful if you shop online!)
Bring questions, and examples for a Show, Ask and Tell. Our goal is to have fun together. And, walk away with ideas for how to more effectively use and choose colour.

Workshops THREE 2 - 3:30PM

Raising Children in the Digital World - Krystal Oleson
Raising Children in the Digital World: The digital revolution has happened so quickly that it has
caught most of us off guard. Yet the digital world is here to stay, changing our society in ways that
have far-reaching consequences for our children. What are the implications for parenting? How do
we harness the spectacular connecting potential and yet avoid the pitfalls of attachment technology
gone awry? How do we prepare them to live in this new world and yet preserve what is required for
healthy development to take place? We have followed our children into the digital world and yet for
their sakes as well as ours, need to restore our lead in order to avoid the insidious dangers that live
in the shadows of this potent technology.

Seed Saving - Mary Cosmon
This workshop will cover reasons for seed saving, including loss of biodiversity and climate change challenges, basics of plant reproduction and flower and seed structure, garden planning, seed plant care for annuals and biannuals, harvesting, and more.

Writing from the Heart - Shelby Cain
Shelby Cain wasn’t trained as a writer. She has used writing as a type of therapy, and she believes
anyone is capable, and can benefit greatly, from doing the same. Shelby writes about her life – her fears and her fantasies and everything in between. She is not exclusive to any specific genre, but rather,delves into them all, using words as a type of bridge to comradery, empathy, or just to share a good laugh. Shelby is a full-time writer and contributes regularly to The Fernie Fix, and Kootenay Mountain Culture Magazine. She published her first novel, Mountain Girl, in the spring of 2016 and is currently working on her second. In her ninety-minute workshop, Shelby will talk about how she began writing, techniques she has developed over time, and methods to peel away formality and really get to the heart of what you want to say. A process that she has found benefits both the writer and the reader. She will also play some of the songs she has written that expose vulnerabilities she was unable to bring to light in any other way. Participants are encouraged to bring a journal or notebook and write. Anything. Sharing is optional. If you are interested in any form of writing – from journaling to novels to song-writing – or want to simply explore a process for examining your own feelings, this session is for you.